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About us

Puheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Puheng Technology Co., Ltd (PUHENG) is an innovative company based in Suzhou that specializes in the development of in vitro 3D physiological/pathological models. The team at Puheng possesses extensive experience in biomedical sciences, materials science, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology research and development. The NAC-Organ technology, developed by Puhengusing synthetic biology techniques, is a novel in vitro 3D cultivation technology. It enables standardized and high-throughput production of complex in vitro 3D models.

Puheng Technology focuses on drug in vitro assessment technologies and is dedicated to developing drug development systems based on humanized in vitro 3D models.Leveraging the advantages of NAC-Organ technology, we are specialized in creating models for chronic diseases, immune microenvironments, and pathological microenvironments. Currently, hawse have developed platforms for hepatotoxicity assessment, chronic liver disease evaluation, solid tumor evaluation, and drug delivery system testing. These platforms provide services such as model development, target screening and validation, drug safety assessment, efficacy evaluation, and optimization of drug delivery systems to clients. The NAC-Organ technology platform has served multiple clinical institutions, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies. We are committed to providing more precise, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for new drug development.

Pioneered NAC-organ 3D culture technology

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The core team of the company is composed of interdisciplinary experts fromuniversities and institutes, with rich experience in biomedical, chemical and artificial intelligence (AI) research and development.

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Committed to becoming a globally leading provider of in vitro drug development system services

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Harnessing bio-technology for human health.

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Corporate Values: Innovation, Pragmatism, Efficiency